Monday, April 30, 2007

Naiad - The Anagram Sessions

Recorded last summer, before my dear friend Cian vanished back to Ireland. We spent a handful of afternoons recording some noise stuff in my living room at the Woodland Realm.

Created on a laptop and guitar, taped into a costco style tape deck, ripped to mp3, burned to CD and then made into a half-dozen very limited edition cassettes. I'll post the mp3s here and then probably add the scanned art later.


Naiad the anagram sessions
side a
side b

Saturday, April 28, 2007

skinny ghost mixtape #1

BLOGFODDER is a party rap / dance / whatever mixtape I made a little while ago. I'm going to be posting links to music I'm a part of here, too. I guess this counts.

near home

near home 01

near home 02

near home 03

near home 04

near home 05

near home 06

near home 07

near home 08

near home 09

near home 10

near home 11

near home 12

near home 13

near home 14

near home 15

near home 16